The hub of the home, a comfortable  gathering place.  Whether in a country or urban setting, the perfect kitchen should feel like a well designed workshop.  Organized and planned with cooking in mind.  Surfaces and materials, beautiful and yet forgiving. 


Nature’s Palette

The essence of country living.  Bringing the outdoors in with natural tones, textures and light, seamlessly fused together.  Sunlight dappled through majestic trees.  Souring granite bluffs, delicate ferns and grasses covering rich, dark forest floors.  All are inspiration for color palettes natural to the environment.  Earthy browns, soft blacks, muted greens, blues and greys melding into warm whites.  A seamless palette of color hues threaded throughout each room.

Fabrics and soft furnishings inspired by berry reds, rich tones of autumn and vibrant greens and blues with backgrounds in fresh white contrasts.



Stains and paint on cabinets and floors, countertops and walls.  Sanded, chiseled, oiled and waxed reminiscent of ancient and antique surfaces, well used and forgiving.